Miss Tina Khanam, RCOphth,PGDip

Miss. Tina Khanam is widely recognised and respected as an expert cataract, cornea and refractive surgeon. Miss. Khanam brings decades of intense training at the highest level, together with wide experience and surgical ability, which results in the best possible outcomes.

Miss Khanam has a reputation for delivering excellent and personalised care with thought and precision to every patient. Miss. Khanam is proficient in using the latest technology, which together with technical microsurgical skill and expertise delivers the best possible outcomes. Miss. Khanam specialises in Cataract, Refractive Lens replacement, Laser refractive and corneal surgeries.

Miss Khanam trained to become an ophthalmic surgeon more than two decades ago achieving her aspiration since medical school of giving gift of sight to her patients. Miss Khanam has exacting standards. The precision and optical engineering of refractive vision correction attracted her to this sub-speciality.

As well as her core work in the UK, Miss. Khanam performs charitable work in Vision camps abroad with the humbling experience of the burden of mass sight loss.

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