Sureman Lives – Book Review

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The most wanted memoirs of all time are those of Sureman Lives. She died in 2020 at the age of ninety. Sureman was a well known Christian nurse and minister who was a pioneering woman of her day. This author is one of the first people to write about female nurses in nursing school and to publish them in book form.

A pioneering woman who went from being a shy, self-described introvert to a world famous nurse, Sureman died in 2020. Yes, she was famous before she was famous. The book was her way of telling her story and establishing herself as a literary figure.

Sureman tells of her life as a young girl growing up in a loving family that was very poor but well off. She had a loving brother named David and it was said he was always watching over her when she would get scared. When she grew up, she went to work for a woman named Elizabeth Bowes. She was the youngest of six children and wanted to go into nursing.

Bowes believed in the importance of the female sex and believed women should have a profession outside the home. Sureman didn’t want to leave the family because her father had died when she was still a young girl. When she decided to pursue her nursing career, she decided she would take the best jobs she could get, even though this meant working under a man.

While working for Bowes, Sureman met James Bowes, a prosperous, long time Baptist minister. 메이저놀이터 Sureman became pregnant with her first child, who was a boy. Bowes helped raise her children while Sureman worked in his church. During this time she wrote her first book entitled “The Color of My Skin.”

Sureman continued to work with Bowes after their marriage. She worked at a hospital as a secretary for a long time and later at a doctor’s office. She met a man and had two children with him, but she never married. She continued writing until her death, which made her a controversial figure in her time.

When Sureman died in 2020, she was hailed as the feminist who fought for women. She was one of the first women in nursing school to speak out about the salary discrimination women faced in the medical field. Sureman was one of the first to be published in book form, but she did not seem to make a great deal of money.

Sureman Lives did sell millions of copies, but some of the book descriptions were said to be misleading. Sureman kept a diary all her life, which was the basis for her novels. Well before women were part of every other profession, Sureman took on her husband’s church and kept him from marrying another woman in the bible.