Mr Ben Eddy is a Consultant Urological Surgeon of National and International standing previously at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, with over 1400 successful robotic prostatectomies to his name. His passion for using minimally invasive techniques for the surgical treatment of urological cancers is well recognised. He has been cancer lead for the East Kent Hospitals and the Prostate Cancer Lead for the Kent and Medway Cancer Network.

Mr Eddy graduated from Guy's and St Thomas' Medical School, London, in 1996. He subsequently trained as a junior doctor and a Specialist Registrar in leading hospitals in the London region. In 2008, he completed an International Robotic Surgical Fellowship in Australia, where he trained extensively in Robotic Surgery for Prostate cancer and Laparoscopic Surgery for Renal Cancer.

Since his appointment at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Mr Eddy has been working to establish robotic surgery as a surgical treatment for men with prostate cancer in Kent. He has set up a recognised training centre and established a leading Fellowship training program. He is committed to Urological charity work, and has raised over £400,000 for the Urology Foundation. His work has won him many accolades, including the John Anderson Award from the British Association of Urological Surgeons for his contributions to the field in 2017.

He has trained over 30 Consultants in 15 different UK robotic centres.

Mr. Eddy has expertise in the following areas:

Robotic Prostatectomy over 1400 cases, International fellowship trained surgeon, Nerve Spare prostatectomy and Neurosafe Prostatectomy, Prostate cancer, PSA Testing and MRI imaging of the prostate, Robotic Partial Nephrectomy, Robotic Nephrectomy, Robotic Ureteric re-implant, Robotic Ureteric reconstruction, Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Surgery for Enlarged Prostate, TURP, Intravesical Treatments for Bladder pain, Local Anaesthetic Perineal Prostate biopsy, Robotic Surgery, Kidney Cancer, Urinary Symptoms, Urinary Tract Infections, Vasectomy, Erectile Dysfunction.
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