Health Services Research (HSR) Methods
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HSRMethods Call for Submissions:

Participate in the development of HSRMethods.org! The AcademyHealth HSR Methods Glossary was developed by identifying methodological terms across the major disciplines that comprise HSR. In general, emphasis has been placed on explicating the role or application of the terms in health services research, rather than providing a general definition or focusing in depth on theory.

Submissions and suggestions to the HSR Methods Glossary are welcomed by all! The following is a list of basic requirements of submitting new terms to the glossary:

  • Language must be clear and concise;
  • Two or more credible sources (journal articles, books, or textbooks) should be used to develop each definition;
  • Synonyms and related terms should be included, as well as
  • Citations and suggestions for further reading;
  • If appropriate, examples, figures, or equations should be included, ideally in a word processing program as a .doc figure.

Please submit to [email protected]